Spanish La Liga

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Spanish La Liga is one of the best football leagues in the world. Here we hold great predictions with lots of tips and fantastic picks for a successful betting. Is the first league in the Spanish league pyramid.

What teams holds the best predictions in Spanish La Liga

In Primera Division 20 football teams are disputing the title of champion of Spanish La Liga. Some can send good picks or stunning tips for betting. Real Madrid is the club with the most victories scoring 33 victories. Many picks can be found betting on this club but only a few tips are really good and we have them.

What are the advantages in Spanish La Liga by our predictions

The first 3 teams from La Liga enters directly in the UEFA Championship. Also the 4th enters the UEFA playoffs. Some football predictions can help you with your betting especially if you get a hold on some great picks and tips Players participating in Spanish La Liga football can claim citizenship after playing in Spain for 5 consecutive years. Because the Spanish La Liga is one of the oldest football league in the world. As a result picks are plentiful and here you can find about many predictions and tips for your betting. It’s first edition took place in 1927. Therefore there are allot of opportunities with great tips and picks that you can easily get by betting in this football league. Probably you should take a look on our predictions