Italy Serie B

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Italy Serie B is in Italian football system the second highest division. A good reason for betting with predictions generated by our team in simple and useful tips and free picks. 22 football teams are disputing this titles where each team gets to play in Italy Serie B 42 games each. Separating the winners from losers with our predictions makes betting real fun. Hence just sit comfortable and enjoy our picks and grea tips. The cup awarded for victory is Ali della Vittoria (Wings of Victory). Some football tips here and some picks there can take you a long way.

Why Italy Serie B can be a good idea for predictions on betting

Because nothing spells money better than good old nice betting tips. First teams qualifies for promotion in Serie A, the third one after a playoff. As a result the last 3 teams relegates to Serie C. Just make sure your funds don’t do that to if searching for tips and end up using the wrong football picks for the job.

Can i lose money in Italy Serie B using predictions on my betting

If you are using the wrong tips and predictions of course you will. Italy Serie B carries the name of the junior competition, being founded in 1904. A very old league some might say. The most titles in Italy Serie B were claimed by Genoa and Atalanta, each managing to get 6. We do have some good picks on that. Even if it is not the best league in Italy, still can bring lots of action and good things to the table. Do you think that you will be able to handle this type of football? Yes? Then don’t miss out the chance on betting in Italy Serie B football with unique predictions that brings forth picks and tips that will marvel you.