German Bundesliga

German Bundesliga predictions are made for betting on Germany’s most important football competition. We offer picks and tips on this event to 18 teams that are battling to win the title. FC Bayern Munchen managed to win the German championship trophy no less than 26 times. Betting on them with the picks we offer is never a bad idea. We cover all two divisions in German Bundesliga: the first and the second. Both controlled by the German Football League. Get your tips for all the matches right now!

How big is it in German Bundesliga by all predictions

Bundesliga has the biggest football attendance in the world. Looking for picks on such a scale is never a bad idea. No less than an average of over 45.000 fans per game.

How much money predictions are saying there are in German Bundesliga

German Bundesliga generate a revenue of over 1.7 billions euro per championship and betting after consulting real predictions can prove very lucrative. Most of the money come from broadcasts, sponsorship and tickets. Betting on these football matches with solid tips can get you allot of money from that chunk. Picks can get you a long way in football with that much money in play when it comes to betting. Getting football predictions or accurate tips on a game in German Bundesliga that is broadcasting in over 200 countries is just amazing. We will help you with great predictions and give you tips in betting on the top 3 teams from the first league that qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, the group phase. While the fourth qualifies for the Champion League. Because of all that we can consider our picks and predictions on the this Championship from the German Bundesliga one of the best in the world. Don’t miss out our picks. Get your tips for free.