France Ligue 1

France Ligue 1 is France’s top league in the french football league and betting system. With the right tips and predictions you can score some pretty nice picks. France Ligue 1 has 20 clubs contesting the title of champion of France. And any of them can prove a good football betting opportunity if you know where to look for good predictions and free picks. Tips never hurt anyone. Top 2 teams will promote to UEFA Champions League and the last two will demote to France Ligue 2. Knowing things before they happens in betting can prove very lucrative. So get your tips and fresh picks right over here.

How is possible winning in France Ligue 1 if betting with predictions

Our team of professionals will make sure that the necessary tips and carefully thought football picks will be deliver accordingly with the predictions that we post.

What are the chances of losing if betting in France Ligue 1 with predictions

While close to none the are still circumstances where some picks could backfire. But in the long run our tips should prove their worth. Each team plays 38 football matches in total per one football season. So plenty of chances to putt at good use those football predictions and tips that our site can provide. All our picks comes Free. France Ligue 1 was founded in 1930 thanks to Gabriel Hanot, Georges Bayrou and Emmanuel Gambardella. Except the World War II period it has operated continuously. The team with the most titles is Saint-Etienne who has 10 victories in France Ligue 1. The combine revenue for this league can go up to about 1 billion dollars. Betting on France Ligue 1 using predictions can also be very smart. Pay extra attention to all our fantastic picks and awesome football tips. So don’t miss out or you will regret it.