2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is the most important football event of 2018. It will be held in Russia by all predictions and it will be the 21st edition of the World Cup. According to our betting tips and soccer picks it will be a great occasion for making some real money. They schedule FIFA World Cup Russia to take place between 14 June and 15 July 2018. So is plenty of time for all the betting platform to ready their predictions to make sure the odds will work against you. But if you follow our tips and football picks than their in for a surprise. Russia received the hosting for FIFA World Cup Russia rights in 2010 on 2nd of December in Zurich. And by all predictions it did that with allot of controversy. The tips and special picks that exist on this platform will ensure a successful betting. Don’t let small things ruining your football experience. In this tournament will partake 32 teams from witch 31 qualifies out a competition between 211 national teams and the Russian team, because it belongs to the hosting country. Many opportunities to score big on a betting by using predictions. Never underestimate the power on picks and good tips when comes to football.

By predictions how the games in FIFA World Cup Russia will take place as from the betting point of view

The teams are spliting into 4 pots of 8 team each. They will contest the title of World Champion in 64 matches disputed in 12 location across 11 Russian cities. As a result there are plenty of picks and football tips to be considered. Therefore on 15 of July the final match will take place in Moscow more exactly at the Luzhniki Stadium for the FIFA World Cup Russia.

Are there predictions for betting in the next phase of FIFA World Cup Russia

Yes. We have tips on everything. The winner will promote to the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup. And here our team of analyst will calculate every angle and offer you the best picks. Football never been more complex. As a result it would be a good idea to try not to skip our predictions and fabulous picks. Don’t let the winnings be elusive to you just because you couldn’t make the time to be inform with our tips. Make your football betting fun on FIFA World Cup Russia and stay away of the dangers of bankruptcy.