English Premier League

English Premier League predictions are very common among our football tips experts. That will help you with real and free picks applicable to your betting style. This league aka England Premiership football has one of the best picks out there. Is at the top of England’s football league system. As a result 20 teams dispute the title of champion in the English Premier League season with lots of tips for any betting man. From television rights, football in the English Premier League manages to sum up to 2.2 billion dollars. Not including the betting using our picks that goes around this event. All the money goes to the clubs. So use our predictions and get your free tips on football results right now.

The team with most victories in English Premier League

Manchester United is the club that holds the most victories with 13 trophies. Betting on it by our predictions sometimes can prove a sure thing like most of our tips are.

What are the audience predictions in English Premier League

It is considered by our predictions the most viewed league in the world. Therefore it has over half billion homes audience in over 200 countries and allot of people are betting on them using picks. The match stadium attendance in Premiership is the second in the world. Predictions announce an average of 36.000 fans per match. This is second place because Bundesliga holds the first. But not the same goes for betting using picks. The top 3 football teams of English Premier League competition enters UEFA Champions League group stage and if you follow our picks and tips when you’re betting you might find yourselves putting you money on them. There are 38 matches in the English Premier League football championship. Therefor our predictions and picks covers all of them. Because of that the clubs get the chance to score 3 points for a victory. Otherwise 1 point for a draw and 0 points for losing and we got tips on all of them. In conclusion the English Premier League seems like a fantastic opportunity to use our tips for betting in this league.