English Championship

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English Championship is England’s 2nd most reputable league so picks are plentiful. It only makes sense to get a hold on some tips to get you ahead with your betting. But you must stay away from the false ones using our football predictions. It is one of the highest divisions in England’s football therefore we have lots of football picks on it. In the English football league system is right after the Premiership, same goes for betting.

What betting picks and opportunities in the English Championship our predictions offers

Each year 24 teams compete for the title of the English Championship totaling 46 games each. You can find picks and tips in our predictions on most of them on this site. At the end of the season, by our predictions, we will have tips on the 3 teams that promotes from the English Championship to Premier League. While 3 other teams from the bottom of this football division will relegate to League One. Avoid betting on them using our free picks and predictions.

Who are the best teams in the English Championship division

We got great Tips on the clubs with the most titles if you are into betting: Newcastle United, Reading and Sunderland, with 2 titles each. Our picks on them most of the times are very solid. The English Championship is the second division in England so we are giving away in our predictions an abundance of picks for your betting. But in spite of that it ranks 4th in the European football divisions based on audience which is great for tips. It has a presence of spectators of almost 10 million fans. Hence the medium attendance rate per match get to be around 20.000. This division is so successful mainly because its television rights revenue. In conclusion there is allot of betting material and lots of money to be made using predictions and tips.