Africa Cup of Nations

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Africa Cup of Nations, or in a shorter form AFCON, is the most important football association in Africa. Betting on such important games with predictions offers plenty of opportunities to make money. The tips and picks will always be available on this site. The first edition of Africa Cup of Nations was held in 1957. Ever since then the predictions and tips about soccer that followed got in time to be more precise and accurate. The football picks that exists on this platform will be a great assisting tool for your betting. There are 24 football teams in the Africa Cup of Nations contesting the title of champion. They are split into 6 groups of 4 teams each. For that many occasions to make sure that the predictions and picks resulting from them are good ones. You don’t want to wake yourself up with losing all your money on a failed betting because of some flawed tips. The top 2 teams belonging to each football group will promote to a knock-out phase. Guessing and assessing properly with predictions and nice tips will make sure your earnings from betting will increase. In you favor, the picks appears on this site, will work tirelessly to protect your money by lowering the risks.

By all predictions what country holds the most victories in Africa Cup of Nations according to the betting community betting 

The country with the most winnings in Africa Cup of Nations is Egypt, holding 7 titles. Cameroon and Ghana also had a period of domination of this competition showing some nice picks. They contest the trophy in this competition and it carries the name of African Unity Cup. There are some good tips about it.

From the perspective of many predictions why is a bad idea in Africa Cup of Nations to not have a betting plan

Football can be very elusive so is good that you never miss a single picks on this site. Even though the tips appears to be insignificant is good to pay attention. Risking money on football in Africa Cup of Nations is no joke. In conclusion never turn your back on the predictions that this site offer. Always check our amazing picks and soccer tips and be sure that you will have a better chance. Football betting is more fun without the stress of the fear of losing.